Company Formation in Belgium

In February 2019, Parliament enacted a new Belgian Companies Code, designed to make Belgium a more competitive country to establish a company. This new law abolished the notion of the share capital. In 2020, the Société privée à responsabilité limitée (SPRL, or BVBA in Flemish) was replaced with the more flexible Société à responsabilité limitée (BV/SRL), the current form of the Belgian limited liability company.

Incwell combines dedicated staff and years of experience to make your business entry into Belgium cost-effective and trouble-free.

Note: Currently we can only form companies in Belgium for EU residents.

Professional Service

At each step in the formation of your company, your formation documents will be posted in your client area as they become available. Our service representatives provide phone/email support in your language.

Expertise with international clients

We work exclusively with international clients. We know the issues that matter to you: establishing the proper relationship between your parent company and your Belgian entity, getting a tax ID and social security ID for the company directors.

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    How long will it take?

    From the time you arrive at our office in Brussel or you send us a power of attorney, it will take roughly 1-2 weeks for the company to be fully established.


    What are the steps to form a company in Belgium?

    • The first step is to come to Belgium and open a bank account.
    • It is mandatory to make a business plan, regardless of the company activity. Based on this plan, a deposit must be made at the bank for the social capital. The amount of the social capital you will need to deposit depends on the business plan.
    • Note that you need to provide the type of business entity, the number of employees, corporate address, etc. because there are 3 different regions in Belgium, each with its own regulations.
    • Once the social capital is deposited in the bank and the business plan is approved (including approval of the company name), then the signing at the notary will be arranged.
    • You come to Brussels to sign at the notary. The company can conclude deals and enter into contracts as soon as the incorporation documents are executed.
    • We register your company with the tax authorities. At this point, you can start invoicing your clients with the new company.


    Will the company have a VAT number?

    Yes, the company will have a Belgium tax ID, which is the VAT number. You will have the tax ID once the company is registered with the tax authorities. With the tax ID, your Belgium company can issue invoices with VAT tax and do business anywhere in the EU.

    If the company will be exchanging frequent invoices with companies in the EU but outside Belgium, then you may want to be listed in the EU VAT registry so you won’t have to bill and be billed for VAT in your EU transactions. Please ask us for more details about this service.


    Do I need an address in Belgium for the company?

    Companies registered in Belgium are required to have a corporate address in Belgium. It is the public address that shows up if anyone does a search on your company, such as a credit search or a search for judicial reasons. It is also where your year-end accounting books get sent to.

    If you do not have an address in Belgium, we offer a registered address service.