Company Formation in The Gambia

Incwell in The Gambia is a non-profit social business. We can assist you in following tasks:

  • Get a TIN number. This is a tax ID number that you will need to form a company or open a bank account.
  • Open a personal or business bank account.
  • Form a company.
  • Form a charity. At least 3 of the people in a charity must be residents of Gambia. One reason to form a charity is for reduced taxes if you import a container.
  • Form an NGO.  An NGO is like a higher grade of charity.

The steps to form a company in The Gambia

  • You send us the data about your planned company. This includes company name, business activity, and a copy of your passport.
  • We get a personal tax ID for you (TIN number).
  • You come to Banjul to form the company at the notary and open a bank account.

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