VAT Registration in Spain

There are several reasons you might want to get a Spanish nonresident VAT number for your international company, such as:

  • To claim a VAT refund
  • To import goods into Spain
  • To open a corporate bank account
  • To acquire shares of a Spanish company
  • To invest in property
  • To obtain a DUA or customs clearance
  • To sell your products online
  • To do business that does not require an establishment in Spain

In order to do any of these, a legal and valid Spanish tax ID is necessary for non-Spanish entities. Incwell has broad experience obtaining VAT numbers in Spain for international companies.

VAT Registration

Register your company in Spain to receive a nonresident VAT number.

Intrastat Declarations

Trade goods smoothly throughout the EU by filing Intrastat reports.

Filing Intrastat Declarations

You can liberate your internal controller by leaving this small but demanding task to us. To avoid any trouble with the entry and exit of services and goods from Spain, the Intrastat must be filed on time and with the proper certificates.

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    MOSS: Mini One Stop shop for VAT returns

    This was created to reduce the VAT tax filling for small companies that sell online B2C. Since 2015 MOSS basically enables that all the sales in the European Union are reported from only one country. For example if you sell online in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Ireland, you can file with MOSS in Spain for the VAT of the four countries. This will reduce your costs by paying only one tax representative and file only one tax form. MOSS offers a level of efficiency by not having to deal with four tax offices every quarter. This is for e-services providers and online vendors to consumers.

    How do I apply for MOSS?

    The application process will require that the tax office will double check the situation of the company, ask for invoices, and any other aspect they need to see if the company qualify. Only the tax office can grant or not the MOSS status of filling.

    How does MOSS work?

    Your accountant will submit a single quarterly return in the country where MOSS is granted, the sales will be declared adding every EU country. The expenses will be deducted the same way. If the result is to pay, there will be one single payment. The country that gets the money will deliver the corresponding part to the other countries.  MOSS for taxes must be filed by the 20th of the month after each quarter.