Legal Services in Spain

Why hire a Spanish lawyer? Because all laws and regulations are in Spanish. If you hire a foreign lawyer, they may speak native English but they won’t be experts in Spanish law.

At Incwell, our focus is on foreign clients. All our lawyers are fluent in English and have graduated from the best universities in Spain.

We provide the following legal services:

Property transactions

Whether you are buying a small flat or a whole building, the sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. The main rule is not to sign anything with the real estate broker without consultation. In Spain, real estate brokers do not need to be registered. If you pay an initial deposit to a broker, that money can be hard to recover.

If you are interested in buying or selling a property, we offer a comprehensive package for a flat fee. We do all the background checks on the property, and manage relations with the notary and broker/seller to ensure the real estate purchase goes smoothly. Read more.


We specialize in three kinds of visas: the wealth visa, the golden visa, and the corporate visa. We offer step-by-step assistance to cover your immigration needs, whether it’s to obtain a work permit for your employees, or a residence permit for you and your family.   Read more.


Since 2015, there have been many changes to the laws within the corporate sector, driven by new EU regulations. Corporate compliance in Spain is extensive. It includes data protection, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, and since 2018, the mobility of workers within the EU. Make sure you choose a firm that understands these issues. We cover all your legal needs, from a simple rental contract to a full due diligence. Read more.


If you are selling over the internet in Spain — via Amazon or with your own websites — we can deal with VAT registration and VAT filing, and all your legal needs, such as reviewing your websites and contracts to make sure they conform with Spanish regulations. Read more.

Intellectual property

We register your trademarks, brand names, website content, and patents in Spain. Read more.


The crucial part of the inheritance procedures is determining the inheritance tax. This can vary widely between the different regions of Spain. In Madrid, the tax rate is zero, while in Andalusia, the minimum tax rate is 30%. The tax rate depends on whether the deceased person and their heirs are resident in Spain, in the EU, or outside the EU.  These taxes must be paid within 6 months of death.  Read more.


We draft your Spanish will to ensure your properties in Spain will be transferred according to Spanish law. If you die in Spain without a Spanish will, you will be passing a big headache to your heirs.  Read more.

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