Accounting & Tax Filing in Spain

With a Spanish company, you are required to do accounting and present various quarterly and annual tax forms. You must also present your annual accounts at the mercantile registry.

Keeping Up to Date

Changes to the Spain GAAP regulations were instituted recently to bring the system more into line with accounting systems in the other EU countries. Note that accounting for your SL must conform to Spanish GAAP; you may not perform accounting using UK or USA GAAP.

At Incwell, customer support is in your native language. We are experts in performing accounting for companies with foreign clients and providers. We are certified by the tax authorities and by the social security office to send all documents electronically, cutting down on time and costs. All tax forms filed for your company will appear in your online account, as well as quarterly balance sheet and profit & loss statements.

Why choose Incwell to do my accounting?

By having an accountant, a corporate/tax lawyer, and a payroll specialist in the same office, your business needs are covered, and information passes between them without requiring your intervention.

We are certified by the tax authorities and by the social security office to send all documents electronically, cutting down on time, costs, and the chances of papers getting lost. It’s more efficient to have both the establishment of the company and accounting for the company done by the same firm. You won’t get caught with two providers telling you some task is the responsibility of the other.

What does your service include?

Our service includes the following:

  • Get a tax ID number for your business, if you don’t already have one.
  • Register the company for the business activities tax.
  • Register the company for VAT purposes.
  • Register the company for social security.
  • Perform the accounting for the company based on the information received from the client.
  • File all required tax forms.
  • Legalize the official books of accountancy at the Mercantile Registry, as well as the notarised year-end annual accounts. This includes the libro de actas, libro de socios, memoria anual, cuentas anuales, balance de situación, cuenta de perdidas y ganancias, and libro diario, as well as the certificate of the annual meeting of shareholders to approve the accounting.
  • We provide information to the client regarding the Spanish rules on invoice creation, as well as general information on tracking expenses and charges.
  • Fiscal representation (we receive and process all notifications from the tax authorities on behalf of the company).

We offer many additional services, such as the following:

  • As part of our payroll service, we can register the company director with the social security office, and create monthly payslips.
  • We can register any changes regarding the company — e.g. partners, increase/decrease of backing capital — with the Mercantile Registry.
  • We can deliver reports on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, adapting the information to your head office’s international accounting department.
  • Reinstatement: We resolve outstanding compliance issues and submit the necessary forms and fees to the tax office in order to bring your company back to good standing.
  • Representation before an inspection from the Tax Office.
  • You simply mail us or email us your invoices and bank statements every month, and we handle the rest.

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