Property Lawyer in Italy

Our property lawyers do all the background checks on the property, and manage relations with the notary and broker/seller to ensure the real estate purchase goes smoothly.

These are the steps you should follow when purchasing a property in Italy:

  • If you need a mortgage, check with the bank to see if you are eligible. Foreigners without a local paycheck may have more difficulty getting a mortgage from an Italian bank.
  • Find the property.
  • Perform the property checks before you make any down payment.
  • For a mortgage: the bank needs to pre-approve you.
  • You sign the pre-agreement and make a deposit. This pre-agreement sets the date for the closing.
  • For a mortgage: the bank will send an appraiser to value the property.
  • The closing is signed before a notary
  • After the closing: make sure the utilities are put in your name, property taxes are paid, and that your new ownership of the property has been registered. You should also draw up a will in Italy, even if you already have one.

Incwell offers two services to represent you:

  • Start Up Service covers everything up to the signed pre-agreement, including the necessary property checks.
  • Full Service is our complete conveyancing package.

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