Our History

Incwell began as a wife and husband team in 2003. We left our jobs and combined our careers as lawyer and software engineer to create a uniquely technological law firm. We soon moved from Sevilla to Barcelona in order to bring our office to where our clients are.

In 2007, we set the focus on our accounting and payroll departments with the smart use of technology: data should always be migrated, never re-typed. By improving efficiency, we can pass on faster turnaround and lower prices to our clients.

In 2008, we declared Incwell a paperless office: any documents that cannot be retrieved digitally are immediately scanned, uploaded, and visible to the client. We opened our second office in Tenerife in 2010, followed by our Madrid office in 2015, and Rome in 2017.

In 2019, we formed a network of like-minded firms outside of Spain, so our multinational clients can enjoy a single platform throughout Europe.

Incwell has been dedicated exclusively to international clients from the start. We seek out employees who share the same outlook as our clients: people who know the difficulties and pleasures of living in different cultures. We are grateful to all our employees, past and present.

Our team

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Teresa Vera Director
Lorenzo Viu Accountant
Paula Toledo Senior Lawyer
Macarena García, Lawyer
Monica Sevillano, Lawyer
Daniel Romo, Accountant
Daniela Maynez Accountant
Ignacio Loring, Lawyer
Maria Luisa Sanchez Payroll Specialist
Marta Sanchez
Belen Caballero, Accountant
Monica Rodriguez Barcelona
Diana Leon Administration
Luis Bazán, payroll specialist in Madrid
Ignacio Loring, Lawyer
Luca Ruggeri, Lawyer in Rome
Luca Ruggeri, Lawyer in Rome
Luca Ruggeri, Lawyer in Rome
Luca Ruggeri, Lawyer in Rome

Our Values

The best way to show that we are customer-driven is to read what other customers have to say.

At Incwell, we strongly support international agreements to back anti-money-laundering laws. Cutting the money flowing through offshore firms will not only restore lost tax revenue for the countries we live in, but will also cut off the flow for most illicit activities, such as corruption, terrorism, and arms trafficking. It’s too bad many of the big accounting firms have channels to sister firms who handle the offshore accounts of anonymous clients.

At Incwell, our top two managers are women. Our founder has worked to get more women on the boards of directors of the largest corporations.

Our favorite NGOs are Samasource, Fonkoze, charity: water, and our friends' NGOs running schools in Gambia. As Leila Janah from Samasource points out, the greatest gift is to give work, and these days it is easier than ever to find and support dynamic entrepreneurs around the world.