Getting a Codice Fiscale in Italy

The codice fiscale in Italy is your tax ID. It is your unique identifier for the public administration. You will need it for different activities in Italy — for example, to open an Italian bank account, buy a property, get a phone number, rent an apartment, buy a car, get a job, sign utility contracts, shop online, etc. The codice fiscale in Italy is assigned to each Italian by birth and upon request to non-Italians.

How to get a codice fiscale in Italy?

  • If you are an EU citizen, you need your passport or your national identity card to obtain the codice fiscale in Italy. If you are a NON-EU citizen you will have to prove that you have a permit of live in Italy, such as a “permesso di soggiorno” or a visa. In either case, there is no charge to get your codice fiscale.
  • Check out the Agenzia Delle Entrate website ( and download the application form. Alternatively, you can get it by visiting your local Agenzia Delle Entrate office.
  • After filling in the form, take it to your local tax office together with a photocopy of your ID card or your passport.
  • You will receive a temporary document with your codice fiscale number. Later you will receive your codice fiscale card by mail.


What does the codice fiscale look like?

The codice fiscale is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters obtained by the combination of your name and surname’s consonants, your date of birth, your gender, your town of birth and a check character.

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