VAT Registration in Croatia

There are several reasons you might want to get a Croatian nonresident VAT number for your international company, such as:

  • To claim a VAT refund
  • To import goods into Croatia
  • To open a corporate bank account
  • To acquire shares of a Croatian company
  • To invest in property
  • To obtain a DUA or customs clearance
  • To sell your products online
  • To do business that does not require an establishment in Croatia

In order to do any of these, a legal and valid Croatian tax ID is necessary for non-Croatian entities. Incwell has broad experience obtaining VAT numbers in Croatia for international companies.

VAT Registration

Register your company in Croatia to receive a nonresident VAT number.

Intrastat Declarations

Trade goods smoothly throughout the EU by filing Intrastat reports

Filing Intrastat Declarations

You can liberate your internal controller by leaving this small but demanding task to us. To avoid any trouble with the entry and exit of services and goods from Croatia, the Intrastat must be filed on time and with the proper certificates.

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